Enniskillen Photographic Society

Constitution and Rules


The name of the society shall be the ‘ENNISKILLEN PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY’,  hereafter referred to as ‘the society’.


The objects of the society shall be the instruction, amusement and education in photographic work, as described below:

(a) To hold periodic meetings, the purpose of which shall be to facilitate the practice of the technique of photography by means of lectures and/or mutual discussion.

(b) To acquire facilities for the practice of the technique of photography by members of the society.

(c) To give demonstrations and lectures of general interest, which may be open to guests of members at the discretion of the committee.

(d) To hold periodical competitions with the object of treating in the competitive spirit and resultant improvement in technique.

(e) To organise photographic exhibitions.


(a) The funds of the society will be applied solely to it’s stated objects.

(b) The members of the society will not receive payment either direct or indirect for their services, other than legitimate expenses incurred in it’s work.

(c) No photographic work shall be carried out for financial gain using equipment or premises of the society.


(a) Membership shall be open to all on payment of the subscription.

(b) Application for membership, verbally or in writing, to the honorary secretary shall be considered by the committee, election being by simple majority.

(c) Any member wishing to resign from the society must notify the secretary verbally or in writing before the end of the current financial year, failing which he/she shall be considered liable for further subscriptions.

(d) A member may be expelled from the society by a two thirds majority at the General Meeting.

(e) Any person joining after the commencement of the last quarter of the financial year will automatically become a member for the following financial year on payment of his subscription.


(a) An annual general meeting shall be held each May and all members notified in writing / E-mail at least 21 days before such a meeting, the quorum at such meetings shall be one quarter the total membership of the society.

(b) Extraordinary general meetings shall be called by the committee at their discretion or at the request of not less than ten members and all members notified in writing / E-mail at least seven days before such meetings, the quorum at such meetings shall be one quarter of the total membership of the society.


(a) The officers shall be the Chairperson, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer.

(b) The committee shall consist of Chairperson, Hon. Secretary, and Hon. Treasurer plus eight ordinary members. 

(c) A quorum of the committee shall consist of four members plus two Officers.

(d) The committee shall be elected by members present at an annual general meeting from a list containing the names of those ordinary members of the society who shall have been duly nominated by two members of the society to serve on the committee.

(e) The committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy or vacancies that may occur in their number during their term of office, and also have the power to co-opt from the body of members a number not exceeding four to serve with them for any general or special purpose.


(a) The annual subscription shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting and become payable from 1st September following that meeting.

(b) A member failing to pay subscriptions before 31st October of the current year will cease to be a recognised member from this date, but may be reinstated at any future date on payment of full arrears.


8.1 Understanding and definitions

The Northern Ireland Photographic Association (the Association) is committed to policies which promote good practice and protect children from harm. A child, for  these purposes, is defined as a young person aged 16 years and below.

The Association is committed to making sure that children are protected and kept safe from harm while they are engaged in all formal or informal activities organised by affiliated clubs.

Members of clubs which are affiliated to the Association accept and recognise their responsibilities to develop awareness of the issues which may cause children harm.

(a) Aims of the Child Protection Policy

To demonstrate the commitment of the Association, and its affiliated clubs, to provide and maintain an environment that protects children from harm, as well as protecting the Association, and its members from potential allegations.

To ensure that affiliated clubs, and their members, are familiar with the Association’s child Protection Policy.

To ensure affiliated clubs, and their members, adopt child protection guidelines, through a code of behavior, detailed in 8.2 of this document.

To take appropriate action in response to child protection issues which may involve affiliated clubs or their members.


All members of affiliated clubs should be aware that ‘child abuse’ may occur when the behavior of someone in a position of greater power than a child causes harm. 

The common denominator of all forms of abuse is that it makes the child feel bad and worthless.  Because children may be accused in a number of ways, the harm caused cannot always be easily categorised. 


The actual or likely persistent or significant neglect of a child, or the failure to protect a child from exposure to any kind of danger.


Actual or likely deliberated physical injury to a child, or willful or neglected failure to prevent physical injury or suffering to a child.


Actual or likely sexual exploitation of a child. The involvement of children or adolescents in sexual activities they do not truly comprehend.


Actual or likely significant or persistent emotional ill-treatment or rejection, resulting in severe adverse effects on the emotional, physical and/or behavioral development of a child.


A child who is being bullied may be suffering from any type of abuse.  Bullying may take many forms, but the main types are; physical (e.g. hitting, kicking, theft), verbal (e.g. sectarian/racist remarks, name-calling) and indirect such as spreading rumours.

8.2 Code of Behaviour on Child Protection

The Northern Ireland Photographic Association recognises that it is not practical to provide definitive instructions that would apply to all situations at all times whereby members of affiliated clubs come into contact with children and to guarantee the protection of children and staff.

However, below are the standards of behavior required of affiliated club members in order to fulfill their role in the application of a child protection policy.       This code should assist in the protection of both children and club members. 

(a) Members of affiliated clubs MUST implement the Child Protection Policy and procedures at all times.

(b) Members of affiliated clubs must not: 

* Have children/young people in their own vehicle. Where circumstances require the transportation of children/young people in their vehicle, another adult/parent must also travel in the vehicle.  Also, it is essential that there is adequate insurance for the vehicle to cover transporting children/young people in connection with the activities of the club. 

* In extreme emergencies (for medical purposes) where it is required to transport a child/young person on their own, it is essential that another leader and the parent is notified immediately.

* Take a child to the toilet unless another adult is present or has been made aware (this should include a parent, if present).

* Spend time alone with a child on his or her own.  If members find themselves in this situation, make sure that they may be clearly observed by others.

(c) Members of affiliated clubs must never:

* Engage in rough, physical games including horseplay with children.

* Allow or engage in inappropriate touching of any kind.

The main principles of touch are:

Touch should always be in response to the child’s need.

Touch should always be appropriate to the age and stage of development of the child.

Touch should always be with a child’s permission.

* Do things of a personal nature for children that they can do for themselves or that their parent can do for them.

* Physically restrain a child/young person unless the restraint is to:

prevent physical injury of the child/other children/visitors/other club members or yourself.

* In all circumstances physical restraint must be appropriate and reasonable, otherwise the action can be defined as assault.

* Make sexually suggestive comments to or within earshot of a child.

* Photograph a child without the express written permission of their parent(s) or guardian(s) being present.

* Photograph a child without their parent(s) or guardian(s) being present.

* Under any circumstances photograph a child in a suggestive manner.


(a) Alterations to the constitution shall be made at an annual or extraordinary general meeting.

(b) Notice of the proposed alterations shall be given to the committee at least fourteen days before such a meeting, and shall be given to all members at least seven days before such a meeting.

(c) The proposed alterations shall become effective on a majority vote.


(a) The financial year shall be from 1st May – 30thApril of the following year.

Monthly Competition Rules

1. Each member may enter up to two prints or digital images in each section.

2. Prints may not be larger than 12″ x 10″ or smaller than 6″ by 4″ and must be mounted. The mount size must not exceed 15″ by 12″.

3. The name of the author must not appear on the front of any submission, but must be  written on the back of the mount.

4. Slides must be spotted on the bottom left hand corner of the mount as it is meant to be viewed.  The author’s name must be written on the mount.

5. A slide or print must be marked with an ‘A’ or ‘N’ on the rear of a print or on a slide mount (i.e. Advanced or Novice) see rules for ‘Novice’ overleaf. 

The points awarded to any novice will be totalled over the monthly competitions throughout the year and a ‘novice of the year’ trophy awarded in each section.

6. The prints and slides will be judged by a ballot of the members present.

7. After judging, and before winning prints and slides are announced entries may be  commented upon by all present.

8. At the end of the season, trophies will be awarded to members scoring the highest number of points in each section.

9. Points in each section will be awarded as follows:

1st – 5 points

2nd – 4 points

3rd – 3 points

4th – 2 points

All others 1 point per author.

10. The top four submissions in each section (maximum of three by advanced workers)  may be forwarded to the Northern Ireland Photographic Association (N.I.P.A)  inter club competition.

11. ‘Starred’ prints both b/w and colour will be retained by N.I.P.A. to form a portfolio  which will be available on loan to Club Members.

12. ‘Starred’ slides will be retained by N.I.P.A. for a period not exceeding eight weeks.  (Starred prints and slides are entries which receive 25 points or more in the N.I.P.A. inter club competitions).

  • · Note: Although two black and white and two slide submissions per author may be forwarded to N.I.P.A., only one colour print per author may be forwarded.  (This is due to N.I.P.A. regarding the colour print competition as being at both individual and club levels). Entries which have been exhibited in previous Annual Exhibitions or Monthly Competitions are not eligible for entry in the Monthly Competition.


A novice is someone who has not:

1. Been placed first in the relevant section in any previous Annual Exhibition.

2. Received two firsts in the relevant section in the monthly competitions during  previous society years.

3. Achieved success in the relevant section of any open exhibition or competition organised by a recognised photographic society, association or organisation (success –  acceptance in a selected exhibition or a first award in a non-selected exhibition or  competition).

4. Produced work in the relevant section which is obviously of an advanced standard.

Note: The committee reserve the right to review the status of any entrant.

Annual Exhibition

(Members only) – Awards

Cups will be awarded to the winning entry in each of the following classes:

Class: 1.  Black and white print             Portraiture

2.  Black and white print                         Pictorial (Open)

3.  Colour print                                          Portraiture

4.  Colour print                                          Pictorial (Open)

5.  Projected Digital Image                        Portraiture

6.  Projected Digital Image                        Pictorial (Open)

7.  A series of at least 4 prints mounted on a single 50cm x 40cm board depicting a theme.  (Black and white or colour).

Novice Class

Confined to members who have not won cups in any previous annual exhibition and who qualify as a novice according to the rules entitled ‘Novice’.

Class: 8. Black and white print          Open

9.  Colour print                                  Open

Other Award

The Fermanagh District Council cup will be awarded to the best overall entry in the above classes 1 to 9.

Members Annual Exhibition Rules

1. All prints to be mounted on 50cm x 40cm  only 

2. Members may submit a maximum of 5 entries per section.

3. Neither title, description or name of entrant may appear on the front of the mount.

4. Title, name of entrant and class must appear on the reverse.

5. Prints and images from previous annual exhibitions shall not be eligible.

6. Every due care will be taken of entries but E.P.S disclaim liability for any loss or  damage.

7. Cups awarded will be tenable for eleven months only.

Cups shall only be engraved with winners names by the E.P.S.

8. In the event of the exhibition being oversubscribed a selection committee shall select  the entries, in such an event each entrant is assured of having one entry included in the  Exhibition