About Us

Club Activities

The club runs a diverse programme of events every year mostly on Thursday nights. These evenings are a mixture of tutorials, competition evenings and speakers.​

The club currently runs a programme of photo walks either on Saturday or Sunday afternoons September to May each year.

​The club is a member of the Northern Ireland Photographic Association (NIPA) and through NIPA competes in a series of competitions each year with other photographic clubs from across Northern Ireland.

Club Competitions

The Club takes the view that competition is an effective way to promote all aspects of photography and is an important supplement to discussion and example.  Members are never obliged to take part but are welcome to as often or as little as they prefer.

​Our competitions are run in accordance with the Northern Ireland Photographic Association (NIPA) and are the foundation for many of the rules and regulations in other competitions. 

2 hour challenge

You have 2 hours to complete a set of photographs on topics which are announced at the start of the 2 hours. These are submitted on the night, and judged 2 weeks later. This is both fun and challenging!

Annual Exhibition

Each year members can showcase their work, usually in April or May, in our Annual Exhibition. There are 9 categories and members gain Trophies from their awards in each category in addition to awards for photographs awarded during the year.