Online Entry

Projected Digital Image Upload Form

The Club has adopted the “Photo-Entry” system to manage our competitions, (particularly PDIs but also for Prints).

Paid-up Club Members will have been issued with a personal password to gain access to the new system.  The link to the system is

Using the PhotoEntry system members can:

  • See a full list of competitions, dates and requirements using any browser
  • Upload, modify and delete entries into any competitions that are open
  • No need to remember your competition number or whether you are advanced or novice.
  • Ability to type your own title without having to rename files
  • View your entries and scores for all competitions
  • No need to prepare and email files with specific names etc
  • Have entries automatically checked against competition rules such as number of images per entry and entries per competition
  • Have PDIs checked for dimensions and colour space in real-time and advice provided
  • Have PDIs resized (with warnings when not ideal)
  • See immediately that entries have been accepted
  • Decide whether or not winning entries may be displayed on the club website and if so to remove metadata and/or add a copyright watermark

For details on PDI sizes etc please see the ‘Guidelines on Projected Digital Images’ section.